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"Game over, man! Game over!"
One of the best action movies of all time. Nearly everything was done right. Too bad it was sullied by the sequel that followed.
Army of Darkness
The classic story of a man with a chainsaw for a hand fighting against the armies of the dead with a shotgun and a steam-powered death-fan car. The Bruce Campbell movie.
A man who fights for freedom against an unbeatable foe. A man larger than life.
Buckaroo Banzai
Did anyone say it had to make sense to be a good movie? And Peter Weller doesn't have to wear a cyborg suit in order to make his presence known. It's campy, but deliberately, and done so in a way that comes off as funny, not lame. This isn't as easy as it sounds and this movie pulls it off. Not for everyone, that's for sure. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
Another cult classic that most mainstream viewers will typically snub. Is it confusing? Yes. Does it deviate from the book? Yes. Is it still a good film? In my opinion, yes. I think part of it is the setting in which you see a movie like this. I saw it with friends in high-school and they were able to explain some of the the more confusing aspects to me. So I associate the movie with fond memories and good times. I hadn't read the book until I'd seen the movie several times and understood it pretty much entirely. No doubt you'll be disappointed if you go the opposite direction as is usually the case. This is not a film for everyone, but then if it was, it wouldn't be a cult classic, now would it?
Suffers from unfair comparisons to The Matrix, I believe. The action is a little over the top at times, but that's okay as long as you realize that that's just the kind of movie this is. Addresses some serious issues, such as freedom and what it is to be human.
A solid action movie with heart, drama, and thoughtfulness.
The Good The Bad and The Ugly and other spaghetti westerns
Dirty, odd, and violent, but with a unique flavor all their own. First came the great Fistful of Dollars, then the slightly less impressive For a Few Dollars More, then the spectacular The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Finally, the very disappointing (to me) Once Upon a Time in the West. So we'll ignore that last one.
"There can be only one..."
What is it about Highlander that makes it such a great flick? Is it the fantasy aspect, that some chosen few are born different, powerful, immortal? Or is it just the swordfights in downtown New York City? A little of both, actually.
Back in the days when they were still making magic/fantasy movies, Ladyhawke stood out among the best. There was something simple and pure about its plotline: a story of true love, vengence, and redemption. It doesn't hurt to have a group of great actors: Michelle Pfeiffer is, as always, luminous; this is definitely one of Rutger Hauer's better roles; Matthew Broderick brings his usual irreverant charms to the table; and Leo McKern, my favorite Number Two of Prisoner fame.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Great even for non-geeks!
The Matrix
Like Aliens and Highlander, this is a title whose only real flaw is the subpar sequel that followed. Taken by itself, this is still a fantastic movie with great action and effects.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
An all time classic, one of the movies that made Harrison Ford the star he is today.
The Road Warrior
The best of the three Mad Max movies. More action than the first and a more coherent and interesting plot than the third.
Like many series, the first was the best. Not only are we presented with Murphy's search for his own identity, but a lot of wicked action and special effects as well. A true contemporary classic.
Slick and clever, this movie oozes with humor and action both.
Star Trek II
By far the best of the original Star Trek movie series (and perhaps the Next Generation as well). There's very few complex or subtle aspects to the plot; this movie is purely about conflict. Not as gaggy as IV, not as much eye-candy as VI, it still rises above them all in terms of pure quality.
The best of the modern westerns. This is not a mindless vehicle for saloon shootouts or showdowns at noon. It's a look at lives and the consequences of violence. And yet ends with one of the best action sequences in a western.
X2: X-Men United
One of those rare and cherished phenomenon: a sequel that improves on the original (see also Aliens and Star Trek: Wrath of Khan). They didn't just take the Marvel comics and shoehorn them into a script; this was written with some real thought. Everyone has a motivation, and that includes all of the "villains".


Even though Fox did their best to screw up this show, it's an amazing series when you see it the way Joss Whedon intended.
Battlestar Galactica
Often described as the best show on television. This remake of the original show has all the drama and action you could ask for. The writing is smart and never leaves a dull moment.
Babylon 5
The show that proved that yes, you can have a series with a long-term story arc and still make a great show. Sadly tainted by a poor fifth season (blame the networks).
The Prisoner
"I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered!"
The Prisoner speaks to the heart of the individualistic... that a strong will can overcome any attempt to subvert it into a mindless collective. All that and it's a damn entertaining show. Strange and confusing, but also wondrous and socially aware.
Now this is great television. Not just a detective show, Monk is also a great comedy.
Mail Call
This show has a lot to interest geeks, with forensic science and its main character an unrepentant geek. Sure, some of it may be a little outlandish, but it's great entertainment and even a little educational.
Law & Order
I don't know what draws me most to this show. There's the character interaction that goes beyond the events themselves. The court room drama is intense and informative (even if some of it is merely "television" law). I've always admired Sam Waterston's tremendous presence and acting ability. And more often than not, there's the sense at the end of each episode that justice has been done. This show gives you hope that the system can work, even if it's not true.
Of course the most important aspect of this show is the interaction between its two main characters. What kooky explanation will Mulder come up with this time? How incredulous will Scully's expression be? Despite a few bumps in the road, this is usually pretty good entertainment for those aching for a taste of the weird, wild, and sublime.
A good show, with its only flaw being that the real-time gimmick requires them to pad out a lot of the episodes with some pretty silly side-plots, including amnesia, kidnappings, and the inifinite stupidity of daughter Kim Bauer.
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