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My tastes in books tend to range from fantasy to science fiction to horror. I tend to identify with characters more than stories, and books are often favorites because one or more characters are favorites of mine. This is most notable in Quintin Stone from Rock and a Hard Place, Roland of Gilead from the The Dark Tower series, and Drizzt Do'Urden from the Icewind Dale series.

Peter David
The best Star Trek author around by far. (Read Rock and a Hard Place!) I don't read Star Trek novels any more... unless his name is on them. Peter David is also very well known for his work on television (Babylon 5) and comics.
Stephen King
Mostly for the Dark Tower series and The Stand, two titles that seem to contradict his general label as a horror author. His most recent works are often less about the things that go bump in the night and more about delving into the murkiness of the human psyche... which he's always done anyway.
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Something about Death Gate Cycle really spoke to me, and my Dragonlance novels are worn from so many readings. I was a little disappointed to see the new cover art on the recent prints. I'm a big fan of Larry Elmore's paintings, and I think his original artwork really surpassed the new ones.
R. A. Salvatore
The Icewind Dale trilogy, Dark Elf trilogy, and the other Drizzt Do'Urden + companions novels.
Robert Jordan
The Wheel Of Time is a colossal epic. Reading them all is no small undertaking, to be sure. But it's a rewarding experience I recommend to anyone. This is pure and proper fantasy for all those who love the genre.
Terry Goodkind
The Sword of Truth series has much in common with The Wheel of Time, but it is also its own very unique experience. The action in Terry Goodkind's series is fast and furious, and never long in coming. Comparisons to Jordan are, in my opinion, unnecessary. This series stands well enough on its own.
Harry Harrison
While Harry Harrison seems to interject a lot of unusual (what I can only assume to be) personal viewpoints into his stories, they never fail to entertain. Most recent Stainless Steel Rat novels (what there are of them) don't seem to have a lot of the depth of previous books, but they are enjoyable nonetheless.
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