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Kill all the lawyers
This is an oldie-but-goodie. The US Supreme Court Justices upheld a fine made against a male lawyer for a frivolous lawsuit he made. Apparently, he was forced to share a men's restroom with women (!) at a San Diego rock concert in 1995. The suit against the city was for $5.4 million dollars. The judge decided that he should pay the city $2,000, and also another two grand to the concessions company he had found liable, because they sold him the beer that made the bathroom trip necessary.

How awful for him! Poor baby. Maybe this is a sign of the civil court system finally turning around... yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot. I guess he didn't buy the beer, the company sold it to him. One, you see, makes him responsible. The other puts them at fault. Don't you hate it when people grab money out of your wallet and stick a cup of beer in your hand?

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Blood 2 demo
Well, just played the Blood 2 demo. The level of detail seems much higher than Shogo, even on "Low". People have well-defined faces and rather complex body structures. I imagine this has something to do with the choppiness on my system. It's playable, but a lot of lag between the mouse movement and the screen movement, especially when there's a lot of surfaces being displayed. I was rather shocked to find that the first three weapons (the pistol(s), the submachine gun(s), and the assault rifle) all used the same ammo! You can imagine my surprise when I switched from the used-up assault rifle to the submachine gun only to find an empty chamber staring up at me. The bullet holes in walls and other materials seemed to have been done better in Shogo than Blood 2, but still, everything in Blood 2 seems a lot more photorealistic.
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Bastards at Bid.com
Well! After six long months, BID.COM has finally refunded the almost four-hundred dollars they charged me for a monitor that never came. Or at least, that's what they claim. I'll have to check my credit card statement to make sure that their message is true.

Why did it take them so long? Why couldn't they deliver the monitor in the first several months before I began insisting on a refund? Why did they fail to respond to every message I sent them for the past two months? I have no idea, but I do know that I will actively discourage anyone I know from ever using their online auction site.

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Updating the game center
I know that our gaming area has been slow to update, but that's just because we're lazy sloths, not because we haven't been playing. I myself have such a backlog of reviews to write it's silly. Here's a list of the items I hope to have available: Quake II, both Q2 mission packs, Deadlock II, Starship Titanic, Jedi Knight, Theme Hospital, Obsidian, Age of Empires, Heavy Gear, and Outlaws. Are some of these games, though, too old to be worth the bother? Maybe, but I'll try to get them all... I'll just start with the newest games and work my way backwards. A new game gets older quicker than an older game, if you get my meaning.
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