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Crappy crap crap!
The styrofoam cups you get at my company's cafeteria are so porous that your drink actually bleeds through the sides of the cup after several minutes. I have to take a napkin and wipe off the sides after a while. I mean, can you imagine what kind of company would manufacture drinks that can't even hold water?
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Fucktards in New York

Headline: New York City Official Accused Of Possessing Animal-Level Intelligence

Cary, NC (RPS) -- Outspoken critic and editorialist Quintin Stone blasted New York City Public Advocate Mark Green for comments that the deranged city official made in relation to the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. Despite the fact that the cartoonish mascot only tells children if they see a gun to "STOP! Don't touch! Leave the area! Tell an adult!", Mark Green (not the popular ER character on NBC) vehemently attacked the video. "I think they [the members of the NRA] are morally and legally responsible for thousands of deaths a year, in a sense, in our city and our country, and they should not be anywhere near our kids talking about guns."

"I mean, what a fucking idiot," Mr. Stone responded when he heard this quote. "It's bad enough that he starts out by putting forth a legal supposition that is almost laughable in its absurdity, but then he goes on to suggest that children should exist in some kind of informational void. He epitomizes the ignorant and dangerous idea that what we don't know can't hurt us. Even rabid dogs have more sense than that."

Quintin Stone's comments were posted to his personal website soon after he'd read the original CCN article that contained Mark Green's remark. "I mean, this is the kind of mindless simpleton that attacks a rational attempt to keep children safe because he doesn't like the source. It's politics in its ugliest form. My guess is that this guy would try to ban seatbelts if he discovered that Hitler wore them. Guess what: he probably did. Better get cracking!"

Noted internet personality and No-bell Prize winner Bad Mojo had this to say: "The video tells young kids not to touch guns. Apparently Mark Green wants to tell children that they should pick up and play with a loaded gun if they see one. I'd like to castrate him with a pair of vice-lock pliers. That ought to take him out of the gene pool."

New York City Public Advocate supplied no comment, as he was not asked to.

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Bruce Willis
I must say, this is a pleasant surprise. I've always like Bruce Willis, but my respect for him grew considerably when I read this:

"Everyone has a right to bear arms." he says in an interview. "If you take guns away from legal gun owners, then the only people who have guns are the bad guys."

This just occurred to me: is it just coincidence that the two big names with recurring roles on Friends (Tom Selleck was Monica's long-time boyfriend and Bruce Willis will make his first of many appearances this Thursday) are both pro-gun? I doubt there's any real connection, it just struck me as a little odd.

Washington D.C.
Another shooting involving children, this time in Washington D.C., a city with some of the country's strictest gun control laws. The response? We need more gun control, of course! In a city where it's virtually impossible to own a handgun, somehow more gun control is supposed to curb the level of violence.

Washington D.C. has always been the strongest evidence that simply passing draconian gun control laws has no effect on crime. But that doesn't stop gun control advocates from pressing for more laws. This should be a telling sign to anyone with enough brains to see it. By pushing for pointless regulations that do nothing to lower crime, there will always be a reason to push for further restrictions. Because gun control itself simply doesn't do anything to prevent crime, its supporters will never rest until all guns are banned. And then... what? Will they rest comfortably, wrapped in their false sense of security while things remain unchanged, or will they finally wake up and realize that such a high level of violence has a root cause that must be addressed?

I for one don't want to find out. I don't think it's necessary for our citizens to lose a fundamental right protected by the Constitution in order for people to realize that something is wrong with our society. A vicious cycle of poverty, violence, and racism has to be broken in order for any real change to be made. Unfortunately, it's a whole lot easier to blame a scapegoat than do hard work.

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