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Finally Home
Finally an end to an awful weekend.

It's been years since Georgia opened their new Atlanta aquarium and my wife and I often talked about going. This Memorial Day weekend we finally made the trip. First problem was encountered about 10 minutes before we got to the hotel in Atlanta. My wife realized she'd lost her wallet. She was pretty sure that she'd left it in a gas station bathroom... 120 miles back. And the receipt we had from them didn't have a phone number on it. So we had to travel almost two hours back, not even sure if we'd find it when we got their. Fortunately! we did; someone had turned it in and it was waiting behind the counter when we got there.

The next day we got to the aquarium around 2pm and found a mob. A line so long to get in, we weren't sure it would be worth the wait. Then we discovered that the tickets being sold would only let us in at 4pm anyway. We finally decided to buy the tickets (at a kiosk, which had a shorter wait) and then tried to find a place to eat. The burger joint near the aquarium was clearly swamped. The mall near the hotel was closed because it was Sunday. When we finally got into the aquarium, it was nice but crazy crowded.

Today on the way home, with pouring rain coming down, the wipers in the van stopped working. This had been an intermittent problem for years now but the garage was never able to track it down. So we stopped and called AAA. We waited about 45 minutes for a very nice tow truck driver who tried to help as much as he could. He offered to try replacing the wiper switch, but then we discovered that we had to drive through the mob at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, as the race had just been declared a wash out. Then we finally get to the auto parts store about an hour later, only to discover that they did not actually have that part. They'd looked up the wrong part. The rain was light enough at that point that I decided to just buy some Rain-X and see how well it'd work even with the wipers not working.

So I applied it, started the car... and the wipers were working again. Soooo frustrating. Finally we got home without further incident.

It's been said in legends that some day Atlanta will sink under the ocean due to the size of its Delta hub. I say that day can't come soon enough!

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