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In memory of Daisy
Daisy fought hard and we fought with her. But sometimes there are fights you just can't win. We were so hopeful after her kidneys started working again after the surgery. And then her levels started to rise again and she became anemic. Lethargic, not eating, and in some distress, she was deteriorating so we brought her in to the vet again today. They couldn't figure out what was causing her new issues. They couldn't give us a positive prognosis and we couldn't bear to continue her suffering.

Daisy was very shy due to her early time as a stray. Once she got to know someone though, she was the absolute sweetest kitty. She was so gentle and affectionate that anyone who got to see the real Daisy fell in love with her.

No one should be forced to bury two beloved pets in one year.

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