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Time for an update!
Wow, okay, it's been a month and a half since I last updated. Gah. Well, let's see. Saturday I went with several members of my family to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. The weather was great and the rides were fun, and the lines reminded me why I try never to go on a weekend. Still, happy birthday, Amy!

I've been working on adapting a particular game/setting to Cinematic Unisystem, the system used by the Buffy, Angel, and Army of Darkness RPGs. Normally this would be a fairly straight-forward endeavor. However, I'm adopting some aspects of the original game into the system, requiring a revamp of the standard Unisystem "qualities" and other minor changes. Also I'll have to translate gear and weapon stats so they line up with Cin Unisystem damages and ranges. I think the adaptation is nearly done and I'm kind of excited to see how it will play out. In parallel, I've been developing some GM tools to go along with it, for dynamic random generation of NPCs, locations, and circumstances on the fly. Some people are good at coming up with random stuff like this on a moment's notice. Me, not so much. Maybe in a month or so this will all be finished and I can start running it.

In the meantime, my Wednesday RPG group (hosted by Andy) is set to start our Shadows of Yesterday game this week. Of course, this group is also notorious for canceling at the last minute, so we shall see! It's been a while since I've been just a player as opposed to the GM. I think the last game my Tuesday group ran that I played in was D&D, and for the Wednesday group it was a short Dust Devils one-shot.

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