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Okay, I made the mistake of referring to gore's site as a "blog" because he refers to it as a "blog", and so the comment was made on the #mojozilla IRC channel about my own "blog" against which I railed with furious anger. Okay, I hate that word. The "B" word. Oh, I see I've already typed it a number of times. I hate the word "blog".

First off, it's an ugly ugly word. Just say it out loud. Blog. It's the kind of word that after you say it, you want to check your shoes to make sure you didn't throw up a little. For those of you who don't know the origin of this grotesque bastard bit of terminology, it's a contraction of the term "web log" (not to be confused with a "Spider-man floater").

Second, the whole concept of the "blog" has been elevated by some to a position far far beyond what it is. Look, a web journal is just someone crapping on a web page on a regular basis. That's it. But the media keeps protraying the "phenomenon of the blog" with ridiculous reverence and it constantly refers to "famous blogs". Give me a break. 99.9% of all web logs are just the inane ramblings of raving lunatics who are excited over the prospects of more than 2 people reading their mind-numbingly dull dull dull philosophical thoughts and daily banality. And that includes this one. A blog that posts actual research and discovery is more amateur journalism than anything else. Let's call things what they are.

And finally, to hell with all you wannabes. Some of us having been posting our worthless opinions to our home pages for some 8+ years and are frankly irritated that it's now being recognized as something new and original, with all these shitty Live Journal sites with their ugly ass cookie-cutter layout. It's not new or original, so please shut the hell up about it.

Oh, and this page isn't a "blog". It's... um... a "bledger".

(Revision: It's a notablog)

(Updated Thursday, March 10, 2005 2:57 PM)
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A man without a party
Gore's recent blog post made me admit that even though I detest and loathe Michael Moore and hope for his imminent demise, it's not a matter of party vs party. The truth is, there is no party that represents my views. While I have historically voted Republican, the truth is that the party is crippled by its overall devotion to religion over reason and puritanism over sense. Unfortunately, the Democrats are even worse, being caught up in some shared naive and utterly unrealistic utopian fantasy where the evils of the world can be banished if we simply take away everyone's ability to make choices for themselves (not to mention their money) and then get together to think happy thoughts. Each side has their idiot chatterboxes and I don't listen to any of them. Not James Carville, not Al Franken, not Rush Limbaugh, not Michael Moore, not Bill O'Reilly, not Ann Coulter.

The Libertarian Party, one of the larger "third parties" in American politics, has its own flaws. Honestly, its basic tenets resonate with my own. However, the party and its members often call for policy changes to which I simply cannot agree. Abolish the FDA? End EPA enforcement and let people settle everything in civil courts? Oh, right because civil litigation isn't enough of a runaway train, let's hitch a couple trailers full of napalm to the end. Radioactive napalm. With... uh... angry weasels in it. Or something.

Except for my various gun magazines, I subscribe to two political periodicals: National Review and Reason. They are right-wing and (small "l") libertarian respectively. Neither is a mouth piece for a political party, as NR is not afraid to criticize Bush's actions that don't fit with its editors' beliefs (i.e. steel tariffs, soaring budget, and others). Somewhere between the two magazines and the two parties you can find me, agreeing with much, but not all, of what each side is saying. A man without a party but with some hard decisions to make. Surely I can't be the only one?

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From Slate.com
Unfairenheit 9/11 - The lies of Michael Moore.
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The big fat lying loser returns
"Michael Moore and Me"
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