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My own personal Y2k
Whoops. My news program here was suffering from a Y2K problem of sorts. Each entry is an individual file where the name is the date and time it was written (year first). Unfortunately, I wrote the script to look for files starting with a "1", and now that we're in 2000, new files start with a "2". Now I have to go and repair the several incarnations of this script that have spread around the web.
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Y2k put to rest
Well, Y2K has come and gone with little effect. Must be awful for folks like Gary North who made their reputations by predicting disasterous results. I admit I was a little taken in by the hysteria over a year ago. I forsaw disturbances in big cities that apparently didn't happen. Well, no big deal for me. The end result is I don't have to buy ammo next time I go to the shooting range and I've got some bottled water. But I never said "I maintain that the y2k problem is systemic. It cannot be fixed. The interconnections are too many." Gary's got to be pretty embarassed to be so sure about his forecast and yet so very wrong. I guess that's what happens when you ask an historian about the effect of a computer bug.

I was really looking forward to that total collapse of civilization thing though. A real shame!

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Mods and mods
Okay, it's been a while. First off, we've got SDSL now and our connection rocks. Except for some DNS issues in the beginning (which have been resolved), it's been pretty smooth sailing.

If you haven't tried Half-Life: Counter-Strike, you should. It's a sweet piece of work, even though there are several aspects of the game I don't like, I have to say it's the best mod for any game I've ever played.

At least, until we finish ours.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk. A mix of high-tech and low-tech. Designed for teamplay, but it will take advantage of the bots of either Unreal Tournament or Quake3 (we haven't determined which yet). This will be a tactical simulator, more realistic Counter-Strike, but still capable of the fast-paced action that you just can't get from Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (another good game).

Hopefully you'll see a prelimary web page soon, when we figure out what the best engine will be for our particular needs.

(Updated Thursday, March 3, 2005 11:29 AM)
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Sucky Intrex
Well, more problems with our ISDN connection through Intrex. The past several days, starting around Friday, the network has been down more often than up and even when there's a connection, we're usually getting 50% packet loss or higher. Is this our hardware, Intrex's hardware, or BellSouth's physical line? Does it have anything to do with the upgrade to DSL that's in progress? Who knows. All I know is that it's extremely frustrating and I'm paying way too much for this kind of shit.
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