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Sucky Intrex
Well, more problems with our ISDN connection through Intrex. The past several days, starting around Friday, the network has been down more often than up and even when there's a connection, we're usually getting 50% packet loss or higher. Is this our hardware, Intrex's hardware, or BellSouth's physical line? Does it have anything to do with the upgrade to DSL that's in progress? Who knows. All I know is that it's extremely frustrating and I'm paying way too much for this kind of shit.
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The Pentium 400 Celery is here. Now I get to see how much better it is than my old 233 MMX.
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Quake 3 special effects
As a mod author, I have one thing concerns me about Quake3 and Unreal Tournament: as multiplayer-only games, will they be lacking the hardcoded special effects that Quake2 and Unreal had included for levels and enemies in their single player missions? For example, in Gunslinger Quake I use a globe of darkness that was originally coded for an opponent included in one of the mission packs. How versatile and controllable will the lighting and particle effects be? In Quake2 they we predefined and hard to manipulate, but at least there were lots of them. I'm curious to see how things work out.
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Homeworld screenshots
Okay, here are my Homeworld screenshots:

Fighters are effective against Ion Frigates An undefended mothership A small armada unopposed Don't attack my base The fleet awaits Bring some friends next time Goodbye Cosmic dust My fleet awaits An undefended carrier meets its doom Demo maxed out Claw formation... to the extreme! This Destroyer picked the wrong side Catastrophic enging failure is a bitch Ahh, a fresh can of whoop ass Oooh, that's GOTTA hurt! It's all over So long KABOOM The galaxy is safe again.... for now
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