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A new email virus going around, this one even worse than "SoBig" because it masks itself as a Microsoft update, and gullible morons, believing anything that even looks official, readily double-click the attachment and spread the love. It's trying to spread to me at a rate of about 300+ emails a day, each of them around 150KB in size. Thanks, all you idiots out there.
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Totally retro
I'm in a retro state right now, going back and playing old favorites or old games which I've heard favorable things about. It started with Dungeon Master on my ST emulator, then Outlaws and Jedi Knight 2. I've just installed Descent: Freespace, and I've built a new 98 partition for playing some of the older games which need real DOS to run. I never realized that Freespace was more of a space sim in the style of Wing Commander than anything like the original Descent.
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And again!
Did you think I'd run out of Michael Moore links?
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Even more Moore
Yet another Michael Moore link? And another? A third??? A fourth??? How is this possible? I thought he was a saint!
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