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A Light's Tale

Author: Zach Flynn (vbnz)
Language: TADS2
Score: 3

I wish I knew what to put here.

I get the feeling that the author was trying to convey something with this game that just did not make it. The intro was confusing and awkwardly written, mentioning an "unordinary" man. There are spelling problems throughout the parts that I played ("unordinary", "flys") and the tone is aggressive and antagonistic towards the player ("I won't let you go that way"). The writing itself is coarse colloquial, which can work if done well with a well-defined personality to represent the narrator. Here, there doesn't seem to be one. If there's a story or plot, I didn't find it before I gave up.

Besides lacking quotes around speech, the game seems to be rife with invisible NPCs. First, Fernando's gang caught and killed me, even though there was no mention of them entering or being in the same room as me. One second I'm trying to take a mirror, then next I'm dead. The same thing happened when I ran from Bob. He did not follow me around, but he somehow managed to kill me anyway. I couldn't even interact with him, since there was no actual NPC object in the same room as me.

Not fun.

Final score: 3

High point:
The description of The Beginning felt like it could have lead to a good surreal exploration, as in So Far or Blue Chairs.

Low point:
Getting killed by an NPC who wasn't actually in the room. Twice.
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