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Eric's Gift

Author: Joao Mendes
Language: TADS3
Genre: Conversation
Score: 7

"Eric's Gift". It's hard to figure out what exactly I want to say about this game. It's a pretty linear IF short story where the only "puzzle" is to examine every minute detail and ask people about them. When I finally finished it, I had to go back and re-read the beginning to fully understand what had transpired. Well, that's not entirely accurate, since I don't fully understand everything. This game leaves you wondering, which may have been the author's intent. Why is it that I had to tell Eric the background if it was his gift? What started the fire? Was that Cappella in the painting leaving the burning building... with grief but no panic? This game made me think more than any other of the competition, and yet it also left me vaguely unsettled and a little unsatisfied. It truly was an imaginative piece of work, and I felt very torn about how to score it.

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