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Another Earth, Another Sky

Author: Paul O'Brain
Language: Glulx
Genre: Superhero
Score: 8

A very successful piece of interactive fiction. "Another Earth, Another Sky" picks up where "Earth and Sky" left off, except that now you play the brother, where before you played the sis. Using glulx, it now includes graphics and sound effects where appropriate. Mainly, these are used for comic book-style "KAPOW!" captions in all of their big, block letter glory. After all, you do play a super hero.

It's hard to find anything to nitpick with this game. Writing was well done, and the dialog, while sparse, actually let you make a few game-altering choices. Well, to some degree, anyway. (In the original "Earth and Sky", it didn't really matter what dialog choice you picked, as the outcome was the same.) Probably the best thing about the puzzles was that they didn't feel contrived at all. They felt like they actually fit in with the story and setting. Most were of reasonable difficulty, and I did have to consult hints for one of them. So they weren't too easy and they weren't too hard. The result is a pretty solid piece of IF.

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