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Kurusu City

Author: Kevin Venzke
Language: TADS2
Score: 6

A lot of the writing is kind of humorous. Much of it falls just short of that. A good portion of it is just bizarre. The dream scene is irritatingly minimalist for no good reason that I could see.

No real bugs that I could see. There was a guess-the-verb issue with the window in the dream realm.

It started off with such a great opening and very slowly became more and more frustrating. Overall motivation was decent enough, it was the small-scale steps that ran into difficulty. The dream realm had an effect that was nonsensical, and included a maze, barely described rooms, and limited interaction. The hints got me along until they asked for an object (rope) that I had no recollection of seeing in the game until I reviewed the transcript and realized that it was back at school and I probably wouldn't be able to get it.

Final score: 6

High point:
The very beginning of the game, where my mission was revealed.

Low point:
The dream realm, but especially the stairway "maze". Without reading the hints, I have no idea what's going on in there, all I know is that there's a bathroom and a stairwell that I didn't do anything with if I jump out the window. And I can't go back there without restoring from a previous savegame. If I do go back and get out of the building, there's still no real point to it.
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