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Shadows On The Mirror

Author: Chrysoula Tzavelas
Language: TADS3
Genre: Conversational
Original score: 5
Revised score: 8

I think I missed the point of this game. After playing and rating it, I checked the hints and read that this "is a game about character interaction." Problem is, there was almost no character interaction in my plays through the game. Wanting to get a firm grip on my situation first, I investigated my surroundings before trying to converse with the key NPC. In doing so, it seems that I completely circumvented the need to talk to him at all. And so I apparently reached one of the "happy" endings in very short order. I suppose I've just played so many games with weak NPC interaction that unless a game practically SCREAMS character interaction as its purpose, I'll hardly even try. Perhaps a better cuing of this idea in order.

Revised: This game can't really be appreciated until you've played through it several times. The number of possible conclusions is quite staggering (the author posted a more-or-less complete list of possible endings). Slouching, on the other hand, tells you, with its appendices, that you've only found one finale out of several. Probably the only issue I can really take with this game is that there's so much more to it than a player might guess.

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