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Author: Martin Bays
Language: z-code
Genre: Experimental
Score: 7

"Constraints" certainly is well-written. It's also the least interactive piece of interactive fiction I've ever played. Games like "Photopia" are very linear and present few choices, but this game goes well beyond that. For most of it, you can't make any choices because it is more a literary exercise than anything else. The first two portions of it, in fact, have you playing an inanimate object, so you can imagine just how much freedom you have. The third part only pretends to give you choices, since no matter what you do, the game informs you it was wrong. The only choice, perversely, is to do nothing. That's not to say I had a bad time playing. It was captivating for its brief length, with an absorbing narrative and stimulating responses to attempted actions. Its tone of hopelessness and futility were a little disconcerting though, and it's only good for a brief distraction. An enjoyable experience, but not the best game of the competition by a long shot.

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