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Author: Chris Molloy Wischer
Language: z-code
Genre: Fantasy
Score: 8

Though the writing in Baluthar was at times quite verbose, I really did enjoy it. I doubt I would have found so much reading bearable had it not been done so well. Likely I would have ended up skimming the long text and, without the interest to really digest the descriptions, relied on the hints or walkthrough exclusively. I still did need to refer to the hints for a few of the obstacles. The rest seemed fairly straightforward. Probably my biggest gripe of the game was the anticlimactic ending. The characters ended up feeling a tad lifeless to me. I never felt a particular sense of dread or danger from the beasties I encountered. From a detached perspective, I could appreciate that they had very menacing presentations, but I never really *felt* that. Maybe it's because I didn't feel connected to the characters. Rykhard especially came across as a rather hollow NPC, despite (or perhaps because of) his speeches. But I consider this a moderately minor issue that only takes away slightly from an otherwise well-done game.

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