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Concrete Paradise

Author: Tyson Ibele
Language: TADS2
Genre: Escape/Puzzles
Score: 5

In this game, you play a youth sentenced to life without parole for buying a lollipop with a fake dollar bill. Your goal as a convicted candy counterfeiter is to escape from prison, your "Concrete Paradise". It's not hard to see that this game doesn't exactly take itself seriously. But it doesn't succeed in silliness either, especially when you have to kill a guard to escape and the game notes afterward, "You almost feel sorry for him, because you know he has a wife and kids." I think the author should have been more consistent in the direction he wanted to take this game, and the lack of a uniform tone was probably one of the reasons I found this game so disappointing. The game suffers only a few technical gaffes, one of them being a magic word randomly not working for me, and "get in raft" working where "enter raft" failed (though this can be attributed to TADS rather than the author).

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