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Author: Dustin Rhodes (writing as crazydwarf)
Language: TADS2
Genre: Parody? Homage?
Score: 1

Probably the only game that has ever made me cry. Well, not so much cry as just tear up at the utter awfulness of it. Apparently the author recognized that the game was poor but, rather than try to improve it, simply accepted its inadequacies, announced his acceptance, and felt that this would make up for it. It doesn't.

Revised: At least one fellow reviewer on rec.games.int-fiction has suggested that Amnesia is a parody of bad first-time games. That's the tricky part of writing a parody. If it's not well done, no one can distinguish it from the subject you're lampooning. Scary House Amulet, from the 2002 IF Comp, did a slightly better job of it (if it is, indeed, also a parody), but even SHA straddled the line for me.

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