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Color and Number

Author: Steven Kollmansberger
Language: TADS2
Genre: Puzzles
Score: 5

"Color and Number" is what happens when an engineer makes games. The puzzles, while generally logical and requiring deep thought, felt jarringly contrived and out of place. Each one is basically a logic puzzle of sorts, from the base 5 number system of made up nomenclature, to the urns and beads and the final puzzle of beads and dials.

The overall impression is that the author started out with a number of "clever" puzzles and threw together a game to include them. Most of the puzzles I thought lacked enough of a decent foundation of information needed to solving them. Even after using the hint system and walkthrough, I asked myself "How was anyone supposed to deduce THAT?" on several of the puzzles.

The game itself had a very loose and informal writing style in places, something I've never enjoyed in interactive fiction. So that's a personal bias, I admit. I played it only on Linux, where all dialog lacked quotation marks of any kind, greatly reducing readability. In the end, I had a lot of trouble reconciling the idea of a religious cult with the hoard of engineering riddles with no point other than to serve as bottlenecks.

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