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Unraveling God

Author: Todd Watson
Language: Adrift
Genre: Science fiction / mythological
Score: 5

"Unraveling God" has a provocative plot involving a mix of science and religion, as well as the self-destructive pursuit of fame above all else. Unfortunately, there were two reasons that the game didn't draw me in. First, the story was incredibly brief, even for a competition entry. This is especially true since it is effectively a very linear puzzleless game. Second, you play the bad guy. You play the fiend who sits back and watches a young man die just so you can take credit for his discovery. The game effectively boils down to the choice at the end, but at that point in the game I just didn't feel pulled into the story enough to really care which one I picked. The fact that it was a no-win situation didn't help matters. Technically, I didn't see any glaring problems with the game, and I think that if the author had maybe fleshed out the story a bit, this game could have earned a higher score.

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