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The PK Girl

Author: Robert Goodwin
Language: Adrift
Genre: Romance / Sci-fi / anime
Score: 7

Is it a science-fiction suspense thriller or a dating simulator? Somewhere in between, I'm afraid. The game opens outside of a mall. When I saw this and read that your relationships with various girls would have an impact on the game's ending, I started to really question whether I wanted to play the "The PK Girl". (And I have to admit, the cryptic title had me thinking "Player Killer" from my time on Ultima Online.) However, without too much pause the action starts and from there the game moves along pretty well.

The good news is that you can focus on rescuing the girl and defeating the bad guys without giving a second thought to the "dating simulator" aspect of the game. Although it was an interesting addition, and is sure to promote replayability for some people, it simply didn't appeal to me. I tried going back and wooing Monika, but found that the ending didn't change any. Was it because I couldn't find her stupid hair dryer? I don't know. I also tried getting into Aileen's pan... err, affections, but couldn't quite manage to succeed. I didn't even want to think about the chore of courting all the other girls in the game.

The quality of the work had its good points and bad. I thought that the anime artwork was top notch, so good, in fact, I started to wonder if it was actually original or if it was borrowed from elsewhere. The dialog also seemed very anime, which I don't really mean as a compliment. More precisely, a lot of anime tends toward unrealistically melodramatic conversation and relationships that eventually start to give me a headache. Even as a guy I found some of the conversation to be a bit stereotypical. When I asked why the girls even needed me, the answer I received was, "You don't know much about girls, do you?" The truth is that your presence throughout the entire game is basically pointless. The girls, with their psychokinetic powers, can tackle all the serious trouble without your aid. All you're good for is pushing them on when they start crying.

Still, "The PK Girl" was one of the better games in the competition. With some characters that weren't one-dimensional cardboard cut outs, and a plot that the character can feel they have a bit more control over, I feel this could have scored even higher.

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