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Blade Sentinel

Author: Mihalis Georgostathis
Language: Quest
Genre: Superhero
Score: 3

What could have been a decent superhero game was plagued by a shallow plot, bad spelling, terse descriptions, a terribly limited vocabulary, and inconsistencies throughout the game. This was the first Quest game I played, and even though I downloaded the most recent version of the Quest player, "Blade Sentinel" still told me that it was out of date and some things might not work properly. Was this why the entire experience was basically fighting the game itself? The game seemed to recognize a dozen verbs at most, and bringing up the help didn't give any clues as to what they might be. My final decision to quit the game came as I faced off against a cyborg and couldn't for the life of me figure out what I could do next. Everything I tried met with the same confusion from Quest. And without a walkthrough, that's the point where I called it quits.

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