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Scary House Amulet!

Author: Ricardo Dgaue
Language: z-code
Genre: Horror
Score: 4

I wish I could figure out this game. Is "Scary House Amulet!" a parody, comically tragic, or is it really as bad as it seems? Unfortunately, I couldn't determine, and so I raised its score a little bit (especially after playing some of the other offerings of this year). I mean, the name itself is the first clue to its cheesiness, but then I thought the same of "Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me!" The intro is equally... odd.

Had I played this game in Linux, I would have missed the bold text which Linux Frotz doesn't seem to render. However, WinFrotz showed it in all its strangeness. Again... was this intentionally ludicrous? Either way, the game lost points big time for its annoying maze with 6 or 7 word long descriptions. Overall... I just don't know what to make of this game. It's just too weird. It seems like a parody of sorts, with lines like:

    The spider is between you and the bible! The creature says, "Hey that's my bible!" and adds, "Spiders can be religious too, you know!"
But if it is, it just isn't quite clever enough, and ends up being annoying.

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