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Author: John Eriksson
Language: z-code
Genre: Spy thriller
Score: 6

I found myself wishing that "Rent-A-Spy" had only been a little better. It had potential, it's just that I felt it lacked any real spark that could have turned an okay game into a really good one. The game plot was a little hard to swallow... I'm on a mission vital to the protection of humanity, and I'm dropped off in the woods with no equipment whatsoever, not even a nail file? Err, okay. The descriptions were a lot more basic and sparse than I care for, leaving one with a sterile and clinical impression throughout the game. One puzzle in particular left my guessing for verb and syntax ("throw wire over detector"), but otherwise the puzzles were pretty well done. The safe cracking, in particular, was an imaginative piece of work, and I did have to rely on the walkthrough for that one. Conclusion: a decent game that could be better.

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