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Ramon and Jonathan

Author: Daniele A. Gewurz
Language: z-code
Genre: Science fiction
Score: 4

"Ramon and Jonathan" is an odd piece of work. It is very brief, confusing, and not at all satisfying. Winning the game comes down to a round of "guess the question", but still didn't leave me feeling that I accomplished anything. The game doesn't seem to flow, and the walkthrough has you performing actions that frankly baffled me. People are trying to force open the gate, and if I do so too soon, two men dressed in black enter the hall and "proceed to do you something very unpleasant." And who are they? Apparently they're police from Earth. However, if I wait a bit and blow open the gate under the cover of smoke, those men haven't even entered the cage yet! The author should have given this game a lot more thought, and laid down some more clear motivation for the characters. As it is, it's a confusing tangle that isn't worth trying to play without the walkthrough.

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