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Author: Terrence V. Koch
Language: TADS2
Genre: Fantasy/Swashbuckling
Score: 8

"Augustine" is a fairly linear, puzzleless work of IF, but does a reasonable job of hiding it. This is mainly by letting the player wander about the city, which is, on its surface, an interesting place to explore. I just wish that the game had included scenery objects to provide some depth to the setting.

The good: the story picked me up and carried me along. The similarities to "Highlander" didn't bother me, and I took the author's explanation at face value. For a linear game, "Augustine" is unusually long, but this is only because the author included so much of a fleshed-out story, not because you find yourself stuck at any point.

The bad: A few typos here and there. There was a single unnamed room on the ship. The flashbacks suffered from occasional flip-flops in verb tense. In my view, its single biggest flaw was the vast amounts of text in the prologue and other various cut scenes. I can understand not wanting to turn all of these into interactive segments, though, since there felt like there was already so much to the story as it is.

The result: Even though puzzleless IF isn't really my thing, I enjoyed "Augustine". I would recommend it, with only the caveat that it is heavy on reading and light on interaction.

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