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Author: Esa Peuha
Language: z-code
Genre: Puzzle
Score: 2

What do you do if you have a single idea for a game and a competition deadline coming up? You go back to the drawing board and wait for next year. Unfortunately, that's not what apparently happened here. Instead, "Koan" is a game with a single "think outside the box" puzzle and nothing else. No story, no plot. And actually, calling it a game is being rather generous. There are nine rooms with items or advice in each, but they don't represent locations; they are nothing more than a skeletal framework of the game. "This is the southwest location in this game" is an example of one of the room descriptions. Mmm, sure gets the imagination going. The "goal" of the game itself is so vague that it left me flabbergasted and annoyed the first time I read it. But, it turns out, that it had to be vague, or risk giving away the "clever" solution to the puzzle. All in all, a very disappointing game. Even solving the riddle doesn't satisfy so much as irritate.

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