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Author: Joseph Grzesiak
Language: z-code
Genre: Conversation
Score: 6

Interactive short stories are meant to drawn in the reader, as they make the player an integral part of the drama. "Jane", though, did not quite have that effect on me. If you took "Lifetime: Television for Women" and ran it through some sort of Z-code filter, I think that this game would be the result. In "Jane", you bounce around various bodies, participating in the drama of a physically abusive marriage. You play the husband, the wife, and a friend, all at different times and different locations. The gist of the game is presented through dialog menus, though the choices you make have no real impact on the game's path. This is a truly puzzleless piece of IF. But with the constant shifting of identities and the inability to relate to any of the characters, I found myself unable to get into the drama of it all. The author admits that the purpose of the game was "to sensitize people to the unfortunately all-too-common issue of abuse." However, I didn't find myself any more sensitized to it than before I played.

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