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Identity Thief

Author: Rob Shaw-Fuller
Language: z-code
Genre: Science fiction
Score: 7

Nearly all science fiction IF games take place in the distant future with vasts leaps in technological advancement. "Identity Thief" on the other hand, takes place in a Neuromancer/Deus Ex-like cyberpunk setting. As the main character, you come equipped with several cybernetic enhancements. But then, so do others.

Though the intro is long (you can skip it if you want), the game starts out strong. Your little endeavor hasn't turned out quite as expected, and you need to make some important decisions quickly. From there the game offers a very well written and absorbing story. For the most part, the puzzles were decent. However, the advancement of the main plot requires performing some truly bizarre actions and asking just the right questions of an NPC, and so I had to rely on a walkthrough to get all the juicy details. Unfortunately, once you get them, the game is over. I wish that there had been more, since it was just starting to get really interesting at the end. Maybe I'll get lucky and a sequel is in the works.

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