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Fort Aegea

Author: Francesco Bova
Language: z-code
Genre: Fantasy
Score: 7

"Fort Aegea" pits you against a big nasty dragon in a setting that obviously encompasses more than just this game. Even without the prequel in the ABOUT message (The Jewel of Knowledge), it is obvious just from the level of detail given to the history of the druids, the world, and the maps provided. The manner in which the author divides up the game into four separate quadrants gives a pleasant illusion of choice in what is otherwise a game of bottleneck after bottleneck as you scramble to escape the flying reptile. There are two distinct endings, and unfortunately the obvious one is the least satisfactory of the two. It also involves an oddly preachy ending that was mystifying in the context of only this single game. Perhaps if I'd played "The Jewel of Knowledge", I might have been able to appreciate its message as appropriate, but as it was, I found it a little bizarre. It was still an enjoyable game overall and I hope to try the other two games of this trilogy.

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