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Here it is, the end of comp 05 and I'm just posting these reviews from last year's comp. Yes, I am terribly slack, and in fact I did not even finish all of the games. Or (at the time of this posting) finish the reviews of all the games I did play! Still, here they are!

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  -Magocracy - Anton Joseph Rheaume (Scarybug)
  4Goose, Egg, Badger - Brian Rapp
  10Blue Chairs - Chris Klimas
  6Identity - Dave Bernazzani
  4A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero - David Whyld
  8Mingsheng - Deane Saunders (Rexx Magnus)
  8Square Circle - Eric Eve
  -I Must Play - Geoff Fortytwo
  8All Things Devours - half sick of shadows
  5Blue Sky - Hans Fugal
  3Blink - Ian Waddell
  9Sting of the Wasp - Jason Devlin
  7The Big Scoop - Johan Berntsson
  5Order - John Evans
  4Redeye - John Pitchers
  2PTBAD 3 - Jonathan Berman (Xorax)
  6Kurusu City - Kevin Venzke
  4The Realm - Michael Sheldon
  5Who Created That Monster? - N. B. Horvath
  4Ruined Robots - nanag_d
  5Getting Back To Sleep - Patrick Evans (IceDragon)
  7Splashdown - Paul J. Furio
  9Luminous Horizon - Paul O'Brian
  1Ninja v1.30 - Paul Panks (Dunric)
  5Chronicle Play Torn - Penczer Attila (Algol)
  6Murder at the Aero Club - Penny Wyatt
  6Typo - Peter Seebach & Kevin Lynn
  4The Great Xavio - Reese Warner
  7The Orion Agenda - Ryan Weisenberger
  5Zero One - Shed
  7Trading Punches - Sidney Merk
  2Stack Overflow - Timofei Shatrov
  6Gamlet - Tomasz Pudlo
  5Bellclap - Tommy Herbert
  4Zero - William A. Tilli
  3A Light's Tale - Zach Flynn (vbnz)
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