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This year, I'm presenting all the reviews in a single page. This is because I tried to keep these short and sweet, giving my overall impressions of the games without getting into too many spoilery details. I've found that big reviews don't really suit me. The reviews are listed in the order that comp03.z5 gave them to me because that's the order in which I wrote them, but I've also put in the option to sort by other categories.

Some of these reviews I have revised, based on discussions with other players on rec.games.int-fiction, or after further playing and reflection. As an author in the 2003 comp, I couldn't vote in the public ranking, so it doesn't really matter if I decide to change my votes after the fact! If I've revised a score, the original score appears after it in parentheses.

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Sorted by play order:
  3Curse of Manorland
  6Cerulean Stowaway
  4little girl in the big world
  5Internal Documents
  7The Recruit
  1Hercules First Labor
  8Slouching Towards Bedlam
  5Temple of Kaos
  3The Adventures of the President of the United States
  1Rape, Pillage, Galore!
  6Episode in the Life of an Artist
  -Sweet Dreams
  7The Atomic Heart
  5Sophie's Adventure
  1The Fat Lardo And The Rubber Ducky
  9Risorgimento Represso
  6A Paper Moon
  7The Erudition Chamber
  8Shadows On The Mirror
  3No Room
  5Adoo's Stinky Story
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