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For your reading enjoyment, my reviews of the entries to the 2002 Interactive Fiction Competition. This is the first year I've judged, though I have played some of the previous year games. I'm also a text adventurer from way-back, having played nearly all of the old Infocom games.

No particular "system" was used while playing these games. I didn't have some kind of tally sheet that I kept records on. Instead, I kept notes as I played the games and when each was finished, I rated it. Later, I adjusted the ratings in comparison to each other, so that each game was more or less judged in context with all the other games. Sort of a cerebral bubble sort, if you will. Anyway, here they are. It's a shame that my favorite didn't win.

Please note that many of these reviews do include spoilers (and these are labeled). They are listed in order of favorite to least favorite, with unscored games at the bottom.

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Sorted by score:
  10Janitor (spoilers)
  9Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me!
  9The Temple
  8The Moonlit Tower (slight spoilers)
  8Another Earth, Another Sky
  8The Granite Book (spoilers)
  7Identity Thief
  7Fort Aegea
  7Constraints (slight spoilers)
  7The PK Girl
  7Eric's Gift (spoilers)
  7Out of the Study
  7Hell: A Comedy of Errors (slight spoilers)
  6Coffee Quest II (spoilers)
  6Not Much Time (spoilers)
  6Rent-A-Spy (spoilers)
  6TOOKiE'S SONG (spoilers)
  6A Party to Murder
  6Screen (spoilers)
  5Unraveling God (spoilers)
  5Concrete Paradise
  5Color and Number
  5The Case of Samuel Gregor
  4Scary House Amulet!
  4Ramon and Jonathan (spoilers)
  3Terrible Lizards (slight spoilers)
  3Blade Sentinel
  -Four Mile Island
  -When Help Collides
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