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Norman Perlmutter: 10
"The game notes (available after you beat the game) say the author spent nearly a year beta-testing the game, and I believe it... I would recommend this game to any IF player, whether the player enjoys puzzles, environmental exploration, or both."
Scavenger takes place in the world of Night's Edge, a setting I co-created based in the post-war city of Arcadia. More information on the background of the setting can be found at the Night's Edge: Wet Works homepage, however none of the information found there is required to play (or, hopefully, to enjoy) this game. (And please don't be under the impression that Scavenger is a first-person shooter crammed into text. It's not.)

The cruelty level ("Z rating") of this game is Tough. There are several points where it is possible to die (generally with warnings beforehand), though getting the game into an unwinnable state should take some effort.

Paul O'Brian: 9.1
"With just a few exceptions, the implementation is nothing short of outstanding."
Many people groan when they read an author writes, "This is my first IF game!" Don't worry, this is not my first IF game. However, it is the first one that I've written in many years and the first I've written with a text adventure tool kit like TADS. It really is a relief not to have to write my own parser!

Scavenger grew out of an idea for some fiction I was considering to take place in the Night's Edge universe. Night's Edge itself started out as an online MUSH my friend and I created (which never officially opened) and then was also used as the setting for an Unreal Tournament total conversion we built. Instead of doing Scavenger as a short story no one would ever read, I decided that maybe it could be done as a text adventure that plenty of people would play if it was included in a competition. So here we are.

Emily Short: 9
"In the vault, when I was wearing the helmet, I felt so overwhelmed that I made my PC sit down to experience these emotions. So something there clicked."
Please note that some of the NPC dialog in Scavenger contains profanities and certain scenes of the game contain violence. I only mention this because some people prefer not to play games with either of these things. That's your decision.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports can be sent to Quintin Stone at

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