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Linux (and other IT) Links

  • TriLUG
    This is a very structured LUG with a more commercial touch to its feel.

  • Triangle LinuxChix
    Out of order. No idea if this group will make a comeback.

  • LUG at NCSU
    This LUG is entirely filled with freaks. Hence, I attend regularly.

    If you like Slashdot, but want more meat in your topics, check out Kur05hin. It's more open and less zealot-like than Slashdot. I enjoy it greatly.

    Slashdot has changed a lot since it started. Many people will say it's a great place, but I have moved on to for the most part. Slashdot has a few remaining posters who shed some light into the OpenSource/Linux world. Worth a read, but hardly worth a post anymore. And I used to be called a Karma Whore.

  • osOpinion
    A nice site with good articles. It's attitude is best summed up by the sites own name. Operating System Opinions.

    A good place for those interested in Linux and those who think they know everything. You can see the latest LinuxToday news stories here as well as loads of information about Linux.

  • Linux Today
    I like to always examine important news from two sites. Linux Today is the yin to Slashdot's yang. Very good for `just the facts'.

PC Gaming Links

  • PVP
    Scott Kurtz is a great artist and he does have a good knack for telling good, funny stories. I read PvP daily and really enjoy it.

  • explodingdog
    Wow. This site has blown away my concept of art and expression. Some of the pictures here blow me away. Other make me laugh my socks off. This is a real jem in the rough on the internet.

  • Penny Arcade
    It can be lewd and tasteless, but it does a good job of poking fun at the gaming industry from inside.

  • Blues News
    Blue has been around for a while and he runs an awesome gaming news web site. It's one of the first places I hit every morning.

  • Scary's Shuga Shack
    Scary is a funny guy. He also has a pretty lean, mean, 3d gaming site. Not a lot of news each day, but the most important with a little flavor thrown in.

  • Planet Quake
    What can I say? This place is mediocre at BEST now.

    If you want to run or attend a LAN Party, this is the place to go.

Other Miscellaneous Links

  • Resume
    My horribly out of date resume. Feel free to skim this. Especially if you would like to offer me a job based on my skills from six months ago.

  • Internet Movie DataBase
    A very complete movie index. A great place to look up movie trivia and new movies.

  • AMG
    All Music Guide. Not unlike the IMDB, except for music.

  • Cluetrain
    A good read for those fed up with corporate America.

  • CNN
    I wouldn't believe everything you read here.

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