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Could it be?!?!

1981 Nissan Sentra Station Wagon
My first car. It had a light brown exterior and matching interior. Very basic, but it had air conditioning, a must for NC. This car was an '81 model and despite what everyone at every shop told me, it existed. Evidentally this was the first year it was made. I drove that car hard and very rarely had serious problems. Great turning radius, tons of space, giant bumpers. A great first car and daily driver.

1995 Eagle Talon TSi
I purchased this used program car with the help of my dad in 1996. It was an automatic, but that's all I had ever driven and I felt my old Sentra just wouldn't make it into the next year reliably. I test drove an ESi (non-turbo) and the red TSi (turbo) and decided the TSi was worth the extra money. While I enjoyed the car and felt it was an exceptional sports car, there were two things that have since turned me from the Talon/Eclipse scene. First of all, expensive! Tires, parts, service and monthly payments are just too much for my liking. I could handle the payments now, but the other upkeep is a tad high. Second, the Eclipse 1/4 modification groups are a bit childish and mechanically limited. If it isn't bolt on or according to the true path, it's crap to them. My third car opened my eyes to true car care and modification.

1973 Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle)
In an attempt to get out of debt, I purchased a Beetle. The monthly payments were dirt cheap and so were parts, gas, and service. When Dr. Porsche designed this car, he truly created a total car. If I had to use one word to describe it, balance is the word I would use. It's simple, yet intricate. I still own this car and hope to never sell or get rid of it if I can help it. It has served me for the past year or more extremely well with little or no problems. he community of aircooled enthusiasts is supportive and open to all forms of VW drivers/mechanics. There is nothing this car can't do with the right human partner. I know more about cars from owning a Beetle than any other car. It's not a car, it's a cult, it really is.

2000 Volkswagen New Beetle12/16/99 - ??/??/??
After lots of research and financial reform, I decided to purchase a New Beetle. Give me some time and I'll fill in more about it.

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