Night's Edge Manual
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Selecting A Team

Whenever you join a server or a new map loads, you will be asked to join a team. This is a menu that will open on its own and will wait for you to make a selection (afterwhich it will close) or you may close it manually with Escape or Spacebar. The two team selections will be shown in their team colors, though the names will change each half if you're playing a Blitz playmode.

The team selection menu Once you choose a team, you will be added to that side's roster and your model's skin will be set. Please note that servers with forced team balancing may not let you join the team you want to if the teams are unbalanced. Or you may choose "Auto-join" and have the server simply add you to the team with the least number of players. A final option is to enter the server as a spectator. Spectators can fly around the level or chasecam as they desire, but will never spawn at the beginning of a round or be able to actually participate in the game. If you close the menu without making a selection, you will default to a spectator.

If a round has already started by the time you choose a team, you will not be able to participate in the game until the current round has ended. Once the next preptime begins, you will have the opportunity to purchase equipment and play in the game.

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