Night's Edge Manual
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The new menus in Night's Edge are similar to the orders menu in regular UT with one important difference: you do not hold down the key to keep the menu open. Instead, you hit the bound key once, and then hit Escape or the spacebar to close it. If a menu is shown with submenus to the right of it, the spacebar will close the submenu first. Hit it again to close the top menu.

A typical menu This lets you use keyboard keys to select certain menu selections if you desire. Any menu that has letters to the left of each menu choice will allow you to make your selection by hitting the corresponding keyboard key. Or you can use the mouse to make your choice, by moving the mouse cursor over the appropriate menu button and clicking the left or the right mouse button. Most menus have different functionality for the two mouse buttons, giving you more options per menu.

A menu with arrows at top and bottom Menus are limited in the number of options they can display on the screen at one time (to keep them from interfering with the clock or dropping off the bottom of the screen). If a menu has more choices than it is displaying, you will see small arrows at the top and bottom of the menu. By clicking on these arrows, you can scroll the menu choices up or down. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to scroll a menu, or your mousewheel (if you have one).

The Inventory Data panel Some menus relating to inventory and equipment will show a small panel on the right of your screen labeled "Inv Data". This displays information on your current inventory status, such as the amount of weight you are currently carrying, how much space you have left about your person, and the effect your equipment weight has on your speed.

The Item Data panel When you hold the mouse over pieces of equipment in a menu, a display will appear beneath your Inv Data, describing specific details of that item.

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