Night's Edge Manual
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Before each round, there is a period of time known as perparation time, or "preptime". The length of time is configurable, but will usually be between 15 and 30 seconds. During this time, players can buy or sell equipment, reload weapons, and generally prepare themselves for the round that's about to start. Additionally, players are invisible and weightless, allowing them to explore the current map before the game begins.

The preptime message

Players who join a team during preptime will reset the preptime countdown two 15 seconds, giving them at least some time to stock up before the carnage begins. Once the preptime clock reaches zero, the players will spawn and the combat will start. Anyone joining a team or switching teams during the actual match will be considered "dead" until the current round ends.

If you are playing in a local practice match or on a server that is set to use tournament mode, preptime lasts until everyone clicks their fire button to indicate that they are ready. Once that happens, the countdown clock will begin at 5 seconds and count down from there. If anyone changes their mind and unreadies, the clock will once again reset to 5 and wait.

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