Night's Edge Manual
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The Night's Edge HUD

Pictured here is an example of the HUD (Heads Up Display) you will see when you play the game.

1. Money - Shows your current cash reserves.

2. Milestone - This is the milestone counter that keeps track of the offense team's progress towards their objective. This only appears in Blitz playmodes. Every new round, this starts at 0.

3. Health - This bar indicates how much more punishment your player can take. As the player takes damage, the indicator will steadily turn dark, until there is no bright bar left and the player has died.

4. Stamina - Continuous movement will sap the vigor from even the hardiest of people. This meter displays the player's level of endurance. High speed movement and jumping will drain the player's stamina and when it runs out, the player will find their ability to move quickly severely limited. Walking and periods of rest will help refresh a player's stamina level.

5. Bleeding level - Certain wounds (gunshots, knife cuts) cause too much tissue damage to close up on their own. This indicator lets you know how much of your precious life force is dripping onto the floor as you roam around the map, hunting for bad guys. The higher it is, the quicker your health is dropping.

6. Bleeding indicator - When you're bleeding, this little light will franticly blink to draw your attention to that fact.

7. Armor Doll - Not to be confused with Barbie, this doll lets you see what body sections are protected with armor, and which aren't. The legs, torso, and head will appear bare when unprotected.

8. Compass - When carrying a compass, this display is visible. It shows your current facing on the map.

9. Ammo in reserve - This is how much ammo your have tucked away in ammo pouches for your current weapon. When you reload your weapon, those cartridges come from this supply. If this number is empty, you won't be able to reload your current weapon. Weapons that don't use ammo will have nothing displayed here. Weapons that use more than one type of ammo (like a rifle with an attached grenade launcher) will show two rows for ammo.

10. Ammo type - An icon and text label to let you know which ammo type is used in your current weapon. A weapon that uses two types of ammo will have each one labeled so you can tell them apart.

11. Ammo in weapon - Shows you how many shots left you have in your current weapon. Some weapons (such as grenades or knives) don't really have ammo, so won't show anything here.

12. Firing modes - Many weapons can be used in more than just one way. This location on the HUD shows which attack modes are the weapon's primary (fire) and secondary (altfire).

13. Weapons bar - When cycling through your available weapons with NextWeapon/PrevWeapon or the inventory group selection keys (1-10), you will see a subset of the weapons you're carrying shown here. The weapon you are switching to will be bracketed, and its name displayed above it.

14. Countdown timer - Shows how much time is left in the clock, whether until the end of preptime or the end of the current round.

15. Message area - Player and server messages will appear here.

16. Pain indicator - A briefly-visible red blood splatter appears every time your player takes damage. The location of the blood helps indicate where the attack came from. Attacks from behind appear in the center of the screen, while those from in front do not display a pain indicator.

17. Scoreboard - Your name appears in gold. To the right of each player's name is number of kills made and then the number of times that player has died. If a player is dead, the text "** Dead **" appears below their name. Bots and players on your team will have their location (and orders, in the case of bots) shown beneath their name.

18. Half Time Clock - In Blitz playmodes, the half time clock will be visible here when you view the scoreboard.

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