Night's Edge Manual
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The playmodes define specific rules for the game, such as scoring and a team's objectives. However the general game rules are as follows: each round, the two teams are spawned in their respective team starting areas. Most maps may have two possible starting areas for each team, and each round the server will choose one at random. When a player is killed, they are out for the remainder of the round.

Wet Works
Description: Essentially a clan arena where two opposing factions battle it out, team against team.

Scoring: The only objective is to eliminate the opposing team. When all of your opponents are dead, the game is over and your team gets a point. If the clock runs out and both teams are still alive, the side that netted the highest number of kills that game gets the point. Once a specified number of games are played on a level, the server cycles to the next map.

Money: In the first game on a map, all players start out with the same amount of money. Players who survive to the next game get a monetary bonus, but players who have been killed get a larger infusion of cash to replace their lost equipment. As the games continue, more and more money is doled out, leading to more advanced equipment being used, until the map cycles and the economy resets back to its original level.

Blitz Playmodes
Description: "Blitz" isn't actually a true playmode, it's a term that describes the structure for some of Night's Edge gametypes, such as Industrial Espionage, and Sabotage. The idea is similar to Unreal Tournament's Assault. In these Blitz playmodes, each game consists of 2 timed halves where the Red team is designated as offense and the Blue team is defense in the first half. The roles then switch in the second half, with Blue on offense and Red on defense. A half ends when the offense team completes its primary objective or when the half time clock runs out (whichever comes first). This is called "setting the clock" and it determines how much time the Blue team will have in the second half. If, however, the offense team is wiped out, the two teams respawn once more and the offense gets to try again (a new round has started). As long as that half time clock is still counting down, the offense team can try and die as many times as they want.

Scoring: Each half has a set time limit for the offense team to succeed (the half time clock). If the Blue team in the second half can't achieve the objective as fast as the Red team did in the first half, then the Red team gets a point for that game. If both teams take just as long, or if both run out the half time clock, the game is a draw. If the Blue team is faster, then they get the point for that game.

Money: The defensive team starts out with a slight financial advantage in Blitz games. However, the closer offense gets to completing their objective, the more money they will receive next round if their team is wiped out. Once the teams swap roles, the economy is reset and the team on defense will again get the slight advantage.

Milestones: As the offense team makes its way towards the objective, its progress will be measured in the Milestone counter at the top of the HUD. Milestones are marker points along all paths from the team's start spot to the location of the map objectives. If all of the members of the offense team are killed before accomplishing their goals, the Milestone counter indicates how much they will be rewarded for their next attempt (the server's BonusCash setting times the number of milestones reached). The higher the Milestone counter, the more cash they will get. Defense, on the other hand, will get a set increase in cash every round (the server's BonusCash setting).

Sabotage (Blitz)
Description: Sabotage is a Blitz playmode, meaning that teams are designated as offense and defense, then switch roles for the second half. In Sabotage, the team on offense has to locate an destroy one or more objects in the enemy's base/territory. The item to sabotage will vary from map to map... it may be a security console, electrical conduit, life support system, mainframe, whatever the level designer decides to put in that map. Exact details will be made available in the Map Detail menu.

Scoring: This is a standard Blitz playmode, so Blitz scoring rules apply.

Money: This is a standard Blitz playmode, so Blitz economy rules apply.

Industrial Espionage (Blitz)
Description: In an Industrial Espionage level, the defensive team has something that the offense wants. The item is map specific: it could be a data disk, secret formula, weapon prototype, just something small enough to be carried by a person. The offensive team's objective is to retrieve that object from the enemy's stronghold, then return with it to the evac point. If the item carrier is killed, the object will drop to the ground for a teammate to grab. Once the item is carried to the evac point, the objective has been achieved and the half ends.

Scoring: This is a standard Blitz playmode, so Blitz scoring rules apply.

Money: This is a standard Blitz playmode, so Blitz economy rules apply.

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