• Skyrim: Q’s Windhelm Basement

    Windhelm’s Hjerim is a fine estate, but worthy of The

    The true Dovahkiin needs a place to display his prizes, treasures,
    trophies, and spoils of war. This mod adds the option to purchase a
    basement addition to the house in Windhelm. Within it you’ll find 10 new
    mannequins, display cases of assorted sizes, wall plaques, and a dozen
    weapon racks. In the corner are 4 tall bookshelves, with a knapsack,
    satchel, and locked safe. Extra weapons and armor can be stored in various
    chests. A full smithing chamber is provided, complete with smelter and
    component storage.

    Along the back wall are plaques for your symbols of rank: a wall
    for each Hold which can grant the title of Thane. Each plaque is adorned
    with a shield to indicate the source of the weapon.

    The cases and ranks and mannequins all come empty, waiting for you to
    them with your story.

    Once the mod is installed, talk to the steward of Windhelm. The
    is another decoration option you can purchase. When you do, the ladder
    down will be unlocked.

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