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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:15:17 -0400
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Skyrim: Next mod

Here’s some before-and-after shots from the first stage of my next mod
(utility mod, adds new types of weapon stands, containers, some fixes, and

In vanilla Skyrim, there are just some weapons you don’t want to put on
a shield/weapon plaque. Basically anything that’s not symmetrical except
for battleaxes, which they managed to get right.

Skyrim: Q’s Windhelm Basement

Windhelm’s Hjerim is a fine estate, but worthy of The

The true Dovahkiin needs a place to display his prizes, treasures,
trophies, and spoils of war. This mod adds the option to purchase a
basement addition to the house in Windhelm. Within it you’ll find 10 new
mannequins, display cases of assorted sizes, wall plaques, and a dozen
weapon racks. In the corner are 4 tall bookshelves, with a knapsack,
satchel, and locked safe. Extra weapons and armor can be stored in various
chests. A full smithing chamber is provided, complete with smelter and
component storage.

Along the back wall are plaques for your symbols of rank: a wall
for each Hold which can grant the title of Thane. Each plaque is adorned
with a shield to indicate the source of the weapon.

The cases and ranks and mannequins all come empty, waiting for you to
them with your story.

Once the mod is installed, talk to the steward of Windhelm. The
is another decoration option you can purchase. When you do, the ladder
down will be unlocked.

Get from Skyrim

Get from Steam Workshop

Meat Part 3

Sunday brunch was a pair of chicken parm sandwiches made from chicken that
had been soaking a full day in brine. Except for a single salty bite that
suggested I could have washed the breast a little more thoroughly, it was
the best chicken I’ve cooked myself. Sadly I did not have any blocks of
whole milk mozz cheese, so I used a slice of provolone as the base and
added shredded mozzarella and shredded parmesan.

Meat Part 2

For dinner, a New York strip steak pan broiled in a dollop of bacon fat
with salt and ground garlic. The marinade taste was a tad too strong
though, so either I should not have let it marinade too long or I should
have watered it down some. Also I forgot to set a second timer and
let the 2nd side cook a little too long. But still delicious.

Meat Orgy Weekend

This afternoon I started off my meat orgy weekend with a BBQ bacon
cheeseburger, made from 1/3 pound of 80/20 ground beef and freshly cooked
bacon on top. A couple hours was spent prepping the rest of the meat,
marinading the ribs & steak, brining the chicken breasts.

Down the street

I confirmed yesterday that there’s a new gun store opening up down the
street from my house. I’m so excited! A shame it couldn’t be a whole
indoor shooting range.


I’m going to make an attempt to learn Flash. I have an idea for a game
and there’s no reason it can’t be a web-based game. It’s relatively
simple by modern standards and I figure it’ll be more accessible from a

RPS Restructured

The main RPS page has undergone some changes. I’ve been modifying my code
to get my RSS feed to get along with WordPress.