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I should really just put these in an RSS feed.

Want to listen in? Grab your favorite streaming MP3 client and point it at
Don't have a client? Try Winamp or Sonique for Windows and XMMS or mpg123 for Linux.

You can also click here to be taken to a web interface where you can listen in.



Live365.com provides a relay station so that our scores of listeners don't kill my poor router.

Currently, Enter The Game is where we have the #mojozilla IRC channel. Feel free to drop by anytime. Point your favorite IRC client to irc.enterthegame.com and join #mojozilla.

Icecast is the server I use to broadcast. It's open source and maintained by an excellent team of coders.

Who is Bad Mojo?
Feel free to send comments to: mojo@rps.net
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