It is the end of the century and mayhem and strife abound. The year? 1899. Outlaws, hired guns, and lawmen wage war in the American west. So strap on your sixguns and cut down your enemies in a hail of bullets.

PLEASE NOTE: Gunslinger Quake is no longer under active development by anyone that I know of. To my knowledge there are no active servers either, but there are people still playing. If you want to contact other interested parties, check out the forums.

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PlanetQuake site crippledFriday, Jan 18, 2002 10:32 PM
Looks like they closed up the script account for Gunslinger Quake on PlanetQuake. This is sort of a backup, and should have pretty much all the functionality of the old (if not all the news).  
Western Q3Wednesday, Oct 24, 2001 3:14 PM
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably at least heard about Western Q3, the wild west mod for Quake 3. Well, PyroVulcan suggested I post the link here to make sure those hard-core Gunslinger Quake fans know that poor ol' obsolete GQ2 isn't the only game in town. :) I keep meaning to try out WQ3, thought I have to admit I haven't gotten around to it. I'm still busy making mods and running LAN parties and trying to play every game that comes out. But I imagine I'll get around to it soon. So why not check it out, see how it compares.  
Resurrect GunslingerSaturday, Aug 18, 2001 1:32 PM
It looks like the Resurrect Gunslinger site has gone down and probably gone for good. Ahh well.  
Resurrect Gunslinger Q2 siteThursday, Aug 03, 2000 08:06 AM
Even though I'm not working on the GQ2 code anymore, LordCylux and his team are, and they've recently opened up their "Resurrect Gunslinger Q2" website. So if you are interested in adding more functionality to GQ2 or you'd like to check out what his team is doing, head over and take a look.  
Recent problems on message boardsFriday, May 26, 2000 07:19 AM
If you've read the forum board, you know that a small flame war was started on the Matrix Quake forum by a Gunslinger Quake fan. I don't want to see this kind of shit, especially from someone representing himself as something he's not.

One of the interesting things that came to light because of this little debate was that Painberry, game designer for Matrix Quake, had apparently written a critical review of Gunslinger Quake for a failed site called Mod Monkey. While I'm sure he thought he was being really clever, his review touches on only a couple of GQ's actual problems and most of it is ranting that demonstrates both his incompetence and arrogance. I know Gunslinger isn't perfect. It isn't completely finished. But this "review" goes way beyond any of that.

What it all boils down to is that Painberry doesn't like realism in his games. Quote: "Fuck realism. These are GAMES." He prefers fast-paced non-stop action and, in his mind, anyone that disagrees is just plain stupid. He backs this up in a post by referring to himself as "one of the best game designers you'll meet", though one really has to question the validity of this statement considering that he was just recently fired from his real-life job of doing just that.

He starts off the review by attacking the maps, models, and weapon inaccuracy. "if I have someone in my sights only 20 meters away, I'm GONNA hit," he states. Anyone who's ever actually fired a gun knows how very wrong this statement is, but then Painberry doesn't like realism in his games, so it's not hard to understand his frustration. Ditto for reloading. Since Painberry likes fast and continuous action, he greatly detests the necessity of reloading, especially for the slow Peacemaker. "[T]here also seems to be a disturbing lack of what we at Mod Monkey call 'thought' in the designer's 'brain'," he says. "If regular quake 2 taught people anything, it was that weak spawing weapons are baaad." And we all know what a colossal failure Quake2 deathmatch was! God only knows how a gun that can kill in 2 or 3 shots can be considered "weak". God and Painberry, that is.

I don't know what version he was playing, but he then whines about the accuracy of the sniper rifle. After I'd fixed a small Id code bug in one of the versions, the sniper rifle was dead-on. The sensitivity problem is clearly addressed in both the Readme and the FAQ. The really funny thing is that he has this to say about Matrix Quake: "And half the 'bugs' you'll refer to, are infact your own fault for not reading the fucking manual." Good advice, Painberry. Read the fucking manual.

Strangely enough, despite his hatred of realism in games, he attacks the molotov cocktail for exploding if held too long. "This is not realistic." And it only gets worse from there! For some reason he thinks that getting shot in the leg slows you down. Not true at all. Maybe he was referring to standard Quake2 weapon kickback when you get shot. I don't know. He then refers to some imaginary bleeding he suffered, which I can only assume was actually the poison artifact. I guess he was too busy looking at problems in the weapon models to notice the big green letters that said "Poisoned!" on the side of his screen.

Here it descends into incoherent rambling that attacks his own inability to read the manual or figure out what bullet type goes to which gun. He incorrectly attributes the Aura of Pain rune to a QDevel tutorial, demonstrates again his failure to read anything by complaining about the balancing feature of cannon immobility (if you wanted it realistic, which I know you don't, why don't you turn on item weight?), and wraps it up by bitching that when you're on fire you don't burn forever (which, I'm sure, would be just wonderful on a map with no water).

In the end, almost a decent review. Actually, no, it wasn't. What it is: another example of Painberry's "I'm better than you" attitude where any feature that doesn't adhere to Painberry's own personal view of gaming results in a vicious attack against the developer and his intelligence. Who knows what kind of attacks he has ready for the folks who made Rainbow Six or Counter-Strike. He has this to say: "Matrix transcends the obviously WRONG opinions of the general public (don't get me started ont he realistic weapons and damage issue. That fact that it's popular just shows how many people can't appreciate good game design)." I'm left with the strong impression that Painberry is one of those many people who thinks he knows more than he does and holds his own opinion to be God-given fact. It's easy to see why know one's ever heard of Mod Monkey and why it never went anywhere.  
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