Night's Edge Manual
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Starting a server

Starting a game To start a listen server, go to the Multiplayer menu and select the option "Start new multiplayer game". This will open up the new game menu. If you want to start a practice game against bots, go to the "Game" menu and click on "Start practice session".

In version 1.0, Night's Edge will be found under the "Unreal Tournament" category. Select "Night's Edge" from the game type select list. Now choose the map(s) you want to play. The playmode of each Night's Edge game depends on the map loaded. So the game type of "Night's Edge" encompasses all of the game types included in the mod. You can identify the playmode of a map by its name. All Night's Edge maps start with the letters "NE". The two letters that follow indicate the playmode:

At this time, Night's Edge doesn't officially support any mutators.

Rules Under the Rules tab, you can specify game options for each playmode. In the Rules panel, you set up each playmode individually with a different configuration for each. When the playmode changes because a new map was opened, the config will also change.

Settings Under the Settings tab, you can set options to change the behavior of the game: In the Bots, and Server tabs are additional options. These are the same standard UT server settings available in any Unreal Tournament game. Bots are available in Night's Edge.

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