Night's Edge Manual
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Purchasing Equipment

Buying is accomplished through the purchase menu. You can activate it during preptime by pressing your "Buy/Loot Menu" key.

The purchase menu

All equipment is broken down into categories, which you will see on the top level purchase menu. By selecting (left-clicking on) one of these categories, a submenu will open up, displaying the available items from that category. For example, clicking on "Handguns" will show that such pistols as the HK SOCOM and Vektor CP-1 are available for purchase.

Perusing the handguns Each piece of equipment listed also shows its current price in parentheses. If you don't have enough cash to buy an item, it will appear grayed out. Additionally, if you can only carry one of an item and you already have one, that item type will appear dark blue. If you can carry more than one and you already have one, it shows up light blue. By holding the mouse over an equipment selection, information on that gear will appear in a display to the right. You will be able to see how much the item weighs, how much space in your inventory it will take up, and how many of this item you are already carrying. For weapons, you'll also be able to see the ammo capacity (if it uses ammo), and what type of ammo it uses.

Available boxes of ammo Left-clicking on a piece of equipment will attempt to purchase it. If you have enough money and space left in your inventory, the item will be added to your inventory. Otherwise you will hear a denial tone. Unlike other equipment, ammunition is purchased by the "slot", the number of rounds it takes to fill up a single space in your inventory. This number is shown in front of the ammo type's name, such as "50x". If you buy a piece of equipment and can still buy more, it will change from white to light blue. If you can only carry 1 of that item (like most weapons), it will change to dark blue.

Your carried weapons By selecting the "Ammo By Weapon" category, you can see a list of the weapons you are currently carrying and then buy ammo slots for them without needing to remember what kind of ammunition they take.

By right-clicking on an item in the purchase menu, you will be able to sell any equipment you have of that type and receive almost the full price of the item in cash. If you are selling ammunition, it will be sold by the slot and if you sell back less than a full slot's worth of ammo, you will be reimbursed the appropriate fraction of the full price. You can also use the Backspace key instead of the right mouse button for selling items. Simply hold the mouse cursor over the item to sell and hit Backspace.

Alternatively, you can sell everything you're carrying if you've bound a key to "Sell All Equipment" in the Advanced Controls config tab.

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