(1) Container Networking Cables [Mojo]
(1) Box of Cat5 [Mojo]
(2) 16port 10Mb HUBs (w/power supply) [Mojo]
(1) 16port 10Mb WG Switch [Mojo]
(1) 16port 10Mb WG Switch [lunk]
(8) 16port 10Mb WG Switch [LouZ]
(1) 24port 10/100Mb Managed Switch [Matt]
(1) 8-port 10BT 2-port 100BTx switch (backup) [LouZ]
(1) 8port 10/100Mb Switch [lunk]
(1) 8port 10/100Mb Switch [Mojo]
(1) Crimper [Mojo]
(1) Crimper [Matt]
(1) Crimper [LouZ]
(1) Crimper [lunk]
(x) Bag RJ-45 Connectors [Matt]
(x) Bag RJ-45 Connectors [Gouki]

(5) Container Extension Cables [Mojo]
(1) Box power strips [Mojo]
(1) Power Box [LouZ]
(1) Alan Wrench for power box [Mojo]

(1) 4x200MHz PPro 2Gb RAM - Gauntlet [Mojo]
(1) 120MHz P5 32Mb RAM - Main [Mojo]
(1) ??? - MP3 [Stone]
(1) 4x550MHz PIII 512Mb RAM - Mace [Matt]
(1) 2x500MHz PIII - ??? [Gouki]
(1) 2x933MHz PIII - ??? [Gouki]
(1) 550MHz PIII - ??? [Timer]
(1) 733MHz P?? 256Mb RAM - ??? [Timer]
(1) ??? - ??? [Louie] (Laptop for dialup)

(1) Digital/Analog Phone Line Converter [Matt]
(1) Large cooler [Stone]
(x) Large BAWLS banner [Mojo]
(x) Q3A Posters [Mojo]
(x) Disco Ball and Motor [Mojo]
(x) Label Maker, Gold Labels, Silver Labels [Mojo]
(x) Projector [???]
(x) Dreamcast [Mojo]
(x) PS/2 [Gouki]
(x) Red Cooler/Bucket [Mojo]
(x) Lockbox [Stone]
(1) Standard duct tape [Stone]
(3) Blue tape [Mojo]
(x) Thumbtacks (for tablecloth projector screen) [Stone]
(x) Stereo & speakers (for jukebox) [Gouki]
(1) Megaphone [Mojo]
(x) Registration Packets [Smeg]
(x) Black Red Hat Hats [Matt]
(1) Laminator (and supplies) [Smeg]
(x) Sharpie Pens [Smeg]
(x) String (for pens near sign-ups) [Smeg]